Notarius publicus


What does a Notary Public do?

Notary Public comes from the Latin, Notarius Publicus, and means public secretary. In Sweden, Notary Publics are appointed by the County Administrative Board.

The duties of a Notary Public include helping the general public with:

  • certifying signatures, copies, translations and other information concerning the content of documents.
  • being present as a witness when storage rooms are opened or where sealing or the breaking of seals take place
  • checking lottery draws
  • certifying that someone is qualified to do certain things or that someone has the authority or official status to represent someone else.


When a document is issued with an Apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention this means that the document need not subsequently be further authenticated.

Apostilles are issued with documents signed and issued by a person in authority acting in his or her official capacity. Apostilles are not, however, issued directly with documents issued by private individuals or companies. This means that these documents must be authenticated first by a Notary Public and then another Notary Public can provide an apostille for the document. Our office can deal with both stages.

Not all countries are members of this convention and neither is it necessary to provide an apostille for all documents that are going to a member state. As providing an apostille for a document often involves extra costs, it is important that you check whether your documents need to have an apostille provided in accordance with the Hague Convention.