Notarius publicus

To bear in mind

Formal requirements

Remember to always bring a valid Swedish identification document or an international passport confirming your identity. Bear in mind too that the signature on the document you wish authenticated needs to be very similar to the one on the identification document. If you would like us to certify that you are authorised to sign on behalf of your company you should bring a fresh, valid extract from the Swedish Companies Registration Office with you. Alternatively, we can obtain this from the Swedish Companies Registration Office for you for a fee.

Before coming to us, it is important that you find out exactly what you want us to do with the document(s) you would like authenticated. Often, different countries have different approaches to how authentication should be done.


You can normally have the majority of documents ready on the same day as you hand them in on the condition that there are not too many of them. This is also on the condition that one of our two Notaries Public will be coming in that day, which is almost always the case. Where documents need to be checked with a third party, the handling time may be longer. During the period of summer time, there may be differences in handling times.

We hope that you will be sympathetic to sometimes having to wait.